Story Of The Month

NOTE: “The Story Of The Month” changes every month OR bi-monthly and might also have been featured in my collection DOWN INDEPENDENCE BOULEVARD published by MiddleRoad Publishers in 2017 and available on Amazon, or might be an Extract from my two novels RACING WITH THE RAIN and JUNTA.


Down Independence Boulevard: and other stories
by Ken Puddicombe



December –The Touch Of Peace


Jan – The Interview

Feb – The Underground [2nd Prize Polaris Magazine]

Mar –Welcome  To Punta Canada

APR – Return Of The Prodigal [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

MAY- No Thank You

JUNE – The Shoplifter

JULY/ AUGUST: The Last Straw [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER: Relics In The Attic [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

NOVEMBER: The Day Queen Victoria Lost Her head [Published in The Caribbean Writer]

DECEMBER— The Touch Of Peace


JANUARY/ FEBRUARY –The Effect Of Light Rays On The Milky Way and Minor Constellations

MARCH: Memory




Deep within the recesses

Of my mind

Hidden behind a locked

Door is your name.

black and white photos of toddlers

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on

Pardon me if I can’t

Find the key.


My mind is already cluttered—

So many doors.

So many locks.

So many keys.


These doors hold

The way in to many memories.


Some of them are faded

Over time. Some return

To haunt me. Some linger

As tattered images.


I recall your face, though.

Somewhere back when.


It jumps out. Takes me to

A time when I was young and filled

With hope. For the world. For life.

For humanity.


It’s one filled with character,

Your face. I never forget a face.


I’m sure somewhere, somehow

You made an impression. It’s my saving grace.

The ability to recall a face.

But pardon me if I can’t remember your name.


5 thoughts on “Story Of The Month

  1. Nice story..Edith has a heart but her other half reminds one of the deep south…apartheid..sitting at the back of the bus…the kkk. .and the list goes on and on Good one..

    On Nov 26, 2017 12:34 PM, “Ken Puddicombe -Writer” wrote:

    Ken Puddicombe posted: “December 2017 -The Touch Of Peace The Touch Of Peace Edith stepped into the corridor as Freddie followed her and closed the door behind him. She heard the squeak in the door of the apartment opposite, turned around and saw the door ajar. Just a slight ope”


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