Poems from MARY’S GARDEN by Ian McDonald

6.  Praise Song For Mary


From Mary’s Garden

O of love

boon of heaven

heavy-looking now

birth soon to come

I celebrate the joy

beauty of body-swell

oval paradisal

proud miracle

I celebrate

all soft and circling forms

earth-root flower

the golden pregnant moon

showers shadows

call-glory of carols

bowls of ripe oranges

rose mangoes full plums too

stuffed sweet melons

rotund sun-ball in the sky

fat cloud-bellies sailing

in looms and loops of light

smoke-mist over water 

rain curves on river

ocean-swoops billows

roses pools of moon-water

home home home

hollows look hallowed

they are the kin of hoops

fat loaves – 

hot bounty

from old stoves

noontime and swallows

arcs of light

you are buoyant with becoming

a fountain

a meteor shower


my burgeoning love

rock and cradling stars

in your belly-dark

time booms

and throb and towers

life starts again

I hear the double-heart

that God made with me

and you will make me soon 

a high-shining son.

26. 35th Anniversary

I found my wife crying.

What had happened, what sadness had come

upon her? Not long before I had embraced

her, said how much I loved her. Life is good;

you make it good, my love. Talked about our

children’s children for a while and she smiled,

squeezed my hand by the kitchen door. Join me

in the garden when you are done; there’s a poem

I want to read to you. She was late coming

to me, said, I cannot bear the thought

I grow cold as death, I cannot bear the thought

there will come a day…

I held her close, close as I could.

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