UNFATHOMABLE AND OTHER POEMS. Collection by Ken Puddicombe

UNFATHOMABLE, My first collection of poems, follows three prior works: Racing With The RainJunta and Down Independence Boulevard And Other Stories

Poems by Ken Puddicombe

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These poems cover a variety of themes, all connected to a childhood growing up in British Guiana, the rise of nationalism and the pre and post independence eras.

Nostalgia and yearning for a time long gone and never returning, are explored in poems like Going Back,  Middle RoadCountry Life, and Echoes In My Mind, in which the author evokes memories of the suburb of La Penitence.

The rise of nationalism, the period of disturbances in the 60’s and resulting dislocation are reflected in poems like The RefugeeThe Ants Nest and Colonial Mentality.

Heritage: I Am What I AmThe IndenturedMatavThe Crosby PaperSomaria and Train Mie all delve into the complications and implications of a mixed heritage from which one can never escape and which define many of us.