NOTE: “The Story Of The Month” changes every month OR bi-monthly and might also have been featured in my collection DOWN INDEPENDENCE BOULEVARD published by MiddleRoad Publishers in 2017 and available on Amazon, or might be an Extract from my two novels RACING WITH THE RAIN and JUNTA.


Down Independence Boulevard: and other stories
by Ken Puddicombe



December –The Touch Of Peace


Jan – The Interview

Feb – The Underground [2nd Prize Polaris Magazine]

Mar –Welcome  To Punta Canada

APR – Return Of The Prodigal [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

MAY- No Thank You

JUNE – The Shoplifter

JULY/ AUGUST: The Last Straw [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

SEPTEMBER/ OCTOBER: Relics In The Attic [from Down Independence Boulevard and Other Stories]

NOVEMBER: The Day Queen Victoria Lost Her head [Published in The Caribbean Writer]

DECEMBER— The Touch Of Peace


JANUARY/ FEBRUARY –The Effect Of Light Rays On The Milky Way and Minor Constellations

MARCH: Memory

APRIL/MAY: The Other Side

JULY/AUG: Love Through The Ages

OCT: Don’t Cry For Me



Don’t cry too long for me

adult alone anxious black and white

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When I’m gone. I may not be here

But you will feel my presence

In every photograph. In every journal

I’ve written. In every book

I’ve published.


Don’t mourn for me

trees in park

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When I’m gone. I may not be here

But you can see me

In your children’s faces

And their every move and gesture.

In the faces of my siblings who survive me.

And in them you will know

I was once here and not forgotten.


Don’t lay me down to rest

In the cold earth when I’m gone.

Scatter my ashes in the sea

flight landscape nature sky

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To be taken to all corners

Of the earth. Places I’ve visited

And places I longed to go.

To the country of my birth

Where my ancestors are buried.


Don’t lay a headstone

photography of graveyard under cloudy sky

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To mark my passing. I will not know

And I will not care. And in the course

Of time neither will you.

It will lie there like all

Other markers. People buried

And long forgotten. Just a passing

Memory in time.

Tilted, sunken, decrepit headstones.


Don’t cry for me too long

When I’m gone. Celebrate my life.

Play the music I love.

chords sheet on piano tiles

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Read a poem I’ve written.

Read your favourite passage

From a book I wrote.

Tell my friends and family

I lived a good life. I hope I left them

With treasured memories of their time

With me. As good as the ones of them

I will take with me.


And if there is life hereafter

I will meet them. And I will meet you,

too, someday.