The current life expectancy [in Canada] is 82.2 years. By 2030 it’s estimated to rise another four years to 86.2. A recent news item suggested that future generations, with new medical technology and drugs combined, including lifestyle changes, would avoid a lot of the chronic conditions that currently carry us off, raising their life expectancy to 150!


From my observations at the Wellness Centre, Millenials, are trying their best to extend their own life span. Most of us are retirees trying to push ourselves beyond our limitations. The approach of the average member: It’s never too late.

There are always new faces in the membership, people coming on board to join the multitude already working out. Then, there are the regulars, people who are dedicated and consistent. You can tell who they are. They’re always on schedule regardless of inclement weather, rain or sleet or a snow storm.

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The Shoplifter



“I saw you,” the man shouted, and it seemed as if he didn’t care if the entire store or the whole world heard him. “You put the lipstick in your purse. I saw you.”
 “Not true,” the woman said.
She was blonde, perhaps forty, well dressed in a grey business suit, her five feet eight frame held erect, as if the man’s words were having no effect whatsoever on her.
“Yes,” he shouted again, “you did so, I saw you. And when you saw me, you put it back.”
“Not true,” she said, as the clerk placed her groceries in her recycled green bag.

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NEW YORK: 1975
Think of The Big Apple and the mind instantly conjures up images of The Rockettes at Radio City Music hall, the lights of Times Square … and the graffiti riddled subway 


It was my first trip back to New York after many years.  Now I was eager to see the results of the smart revolutionary method the Transit Authority had adopted to overcome the graffiti problem, a method that involved the use of a new material that was both paint proof and washable.

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